You shouldn't have to trade work for worry.

What's going to keep you up at night when you retire?

We believe happy clients are our best assets. At Clear View Financial Services, you'll find us:

Accessible: We understand we might be the most important advisor at this stage of your life. We're managing your money, after all. We're honored that you choose us to do so, and we're available when you need us.

Effective: We may not be big, but we have the most powerful financial platforms available to us. And we've been in business for decades, so we have seen a lot.

Relationship focused: We don't hard sell anything. We want to work with you for the long term. We manage your money like we would for our own family.

Approachable: We're down-to-earth people. We like blue jeans and barbecues. We're not a giant operation. Every client is valuable to us. We don't treat any client differently based on their portfolio.

Creating Your Plan

You’ve spoken with us – a phone call, an email – and you want to know more. Well, so do we.

We want to know all about you – where you’re coming from and where you want to go. Who and what is important to you. The way we can best help you transition from work to play.


We collaborate with you using Clear Vision, our enhanced financial mapping process, to create a retirement picture from your perspective. Then we put your customized plan into action.

Because we’re independent financial advisors, we have no obligation to use one investment over another. We have no agenda beyond making your money go further.


How We Make Money

Wealth management is our job, and yes, we get paid for it. We believe in being completely transparent about how.

While one package isn't right for everyone, here's how it works for the majority of our clients.

We create a customized Clear Vision financial plan for you. The cost is $750-$1500, depending on your portfolio's complexity. For most clients, this is a one-time fee.

We charge a low, competitive rate for managing your investments – between 0.5% and 1.5% of the total assets. That’s all. And we keep your financial plan tuned up to reflect your changing circumstances.

Our Clients

You’re shopping for the right retirement advisor. We’re selective too. We know that we are best positioned to serve people with certain needs. You're likely a great fit if you:

  • Prefer to delegate investment management so you can focus on enjoying your retirement
  • Want to reach income goals rather than try to beat the market
  • Value personalized service
  • Are just retired or are about to retire
  • Have $500K+ in investable assets

If this sounds like you, we want to get to work. So you don’t have to anymore.